Our Non-Profit

Create To Learn came about from the thought that, although we educate so many of the leading minds here in America, we still need to raise funds for the arts

About Us

At Create To Learn our mission is to equip the younger generation with out of the box thinking and creative tools that will expand their minds to be imaginative and innovative thinkers. At Create To Learn, we know that art allows the mind to run free, producing truly incredible results such as self confidence and acceptance.

Here at Create To Learn we have a team of individuals who are dedicated to bringing art to children around Orange County. Our team understands the impact that art has on children, so we work hard to promote it.

Founder Ann Herr


About Me

Ann has a passion for teaching children art and keeping it alive in the minds of the community. She has many years of experience working with her hands as a carpenter and contractor. Her love for art and children is what drove her to start the non-profit Create To Learn.


Ann believes that art in collaboration with education has immense benfits that are limitless for children’s minds. When children are surrounded by art, they become more innovative, immaginative, and they learn to think outside of the box. These skills are instrumental for success in future careers.

Goals for Create To Learn

Founder Ann Herr uses art as a vehicle to proliferate students’ imagination, creativity, and positive engagement in the Orange County community. The non-profit organization concentrates on providing instrumental services to build a better society and community. Our children are our future and we need to provide them with the correct skill set to promote innovation and success. 

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